Arizona Renaissance Festival

"Take it to the MAX” at any Vitalant donor center Jan. 16 through Feb. 28 and receive a complimentary voucher for a one-day gate pass to the 2019 Renaissance Festival, courtesy of Royal Faires.   MAX donors help Vitalant better meet the daily needs of Arizona hospital patients by giving the automated donation procedure that is most needed based on their blood type and physical attributes.  Earn a voucher for the Feb. 9 – March 31 Renaissance Festival by taking a little extra time to “Maximize Your Impact.”  To make a donation appointment, call 877-25-VITAL or visit our center locations page
MAX donors help people like McKindree, a Gilbert teen who has required more than 300 blood transfusions. In addition to an immune disorder, McKindree suffers from Diamond Blackfan Anemia, a rare disease that prevents her body from producing red blood cells. She is alive today because of regular transfusions of red blood cells “Thanks to blood donors, our family is complete,” says her mother, Aimee. “I’m not sure I have the words to express my gratitude to them. Their generosity helps to take away the fear of losing her.”
About MAX Donations . . . Most automated donations take a smaller blood volume from the donor than whole blood donations, but make a bigger impact by providing increased quantities of the component needed most by hospital patients.  Regular whole blood donations provide a mixture of red cells, plasma and platelets.  Automated MAX donations enable Vitalant to isolate and collect an increased quantity of one of those components, since the remaining components are returned to the donor.  Because of the specialized equipment required, MAX donations can only be given at one of our six Valley donor centers. 
“Enjoying the childhood days of make-believe at the festival in appreciation for saving Arizona lives is a great way to celebrate family traditions,” said Sanja Malinovic, Marketing Director for the faire.  “We want to show Arizona blood donors that they are truly knights in shining armor.”

Thousands of volunteers blood drive coordinators partner with us to ensure a safe blood supply is available for patients who need it. 


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