Culver's thanks September Donors with a Sweet Treat

Vitalant and Culver’s restaurants are ramping up efforts to increase blood donations during September. Donate at any blood drive OR donor center now through Sept. 6 and receive a voucher for a free pint of Fresh Frozen Custard, courtesy of Culver’s. MAX Donors at any of our donation centers will also receive this thank you gift through the rest of the month. MAX donors help Vitalant better meet the daily needs of Arizona hospital patients by giving the automated donation procedure that is most needed based on their blood type and physical attributes. To make a donation appointment, call 877-25-VITAL or visit

While most kids dream about parties and toys for their birthday, Nathan celebrated his 5th birthday last week by receiving his 73rd blood transfusion. The Casa Grande boy was born with a rare disorder that causes his red blood cells to rapidly break apart. Rather than lasting 30 days, Nathan’s red cells live only one week. Every month, he relies on the generosity of strangers to donate lifesaving blood – a need that will most likely continue the rest of his life. “To all the donors out there, I would like to say that you have gone above and beyond to save my son’s life and the lives of others,” expressed his mother April. “Without blood transfusions, I would have lost my little boy!”

About MAX Donations . . . Most automated donations take a smaller blood volume from the donor than whole blood donations, but make a bigger impact by providing increased quantities of the component needed most by hospital patients.  Regular whole blood donations provide a mixture of red cells, plasma and platelets.  Automated MAX donations enable Vitalant to isolate and collect an increased quantity of one of those components, since the remaining components are returned to the donor.  Because of the specialized equipment required, MAX donations can only be given at one of our six Valley donor centers.  

About Culver’s . . . For over 30 years, Culver's guests have been treated to cooked-to-order food made with farm-fresh ingredients, served with a smile. The ever-expanding franchise system now numbers more than 550 family-owned and operated restaurants in 22 states. The restaurants' nationally-recognized customer service is based on small-town Midwestern values, genuine friendliness and an unwavering commitment to quality. Signature items include the award-winning ButterBurger®, made from fresh, never frozen, beef, and Fresh Frozen Custard, including the famous Flavor of the Day program. For more information, visit www.Culver’

Thousands of volunteers blood drive coordinators partner with us to ensure a safe blood supply is available for patients who need it. 


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