Pie for Platelets

Starting Friday, Nov. 8 while supplies last, all Colorado and Wyoming donation center donors who give platelets, or have an educational conversation with our staff about platelet donation, will be given a voucher for a pie at Village Inn. 

In Rapid City, starting Friday, Nov. 8, each donor who gives platelets or has a conversation with our staff to learn more about platelet donation (while supplies last) gets a voucher for one free slice of pie at Pistachio Pie in Rapid City. 

Important Note **Casper’s donation center will be closed on Friday, Nov. 8th, so their Pie for Platelets promotion will start on Saturday, Nov. 9th. 

A growing number of platelet donors are needed every day to transform the lives of patients. Platelets are a special component of blood that helps control bleeding. They are used to help trauma victims as well as transplant and cancer patients. 

Platelets have only a five day shelf life, which is why it’s so important for donors to continuously replenish the supply. While platelet donation takes a little more of your time, about 2 hours, it ensures hospitals have enough of this precious resource on hand for patients depending on it.

Transform a life, and your own this November. Make a donation appointment at vitalant.org

Thousands of volunteers blood drive coordinators partner with us to ensure a safe blood supply is available for patients who need it. 


Are you ever curious about what makes the trillions of cells coursing through your veins so vital to everyday life? Learn more.