At this time, we require both staff and donors to wear a face covering at blood drives or donation centers. Appointments are also strongly recommended.

Vitalant’s supporters and partners are powered by purpose and passion for being part of something bigger than themselves. We are seeking like-minded organizations and individuals who are interested in helping others realize their life-transforming potential in the following ways.:

Drive Awareness and Understanding of Our Mission

Research shows that a lack of understanding on the need for blood donation–and what it entails–is a barrier to donation. If you are an individual or a member of an organization who can help us tell our story to the world through content, events and influencers, let’s talk. 

Build Shared Equity

Vitalant is committed to creating space for our supporters to experience wonder, awe and transformation. If your organization shares this idea, let’s join forces and be part of a movement together.

Reach External Ambassadors

The power of a single advocate is awe-inspiring. Partners who care for our cause and are willing to tap into their own networks and relationships on behalf of Vitalant are proof that together, we can do amazing. If you’re a potential ambassador or know someone who could be, reach out.

Enhance Our Experience

Help us make way for wonder by integrating into our experience for our employees, hospital partners, donors and/or volunteers. If the ability to reduce friction and create a memorable, life-transforming experience for our supporters is at your fingertips, we’re interested in collaboration.

Support Urgent Blood Donation

Although we work to ensure the blood supply is ample and stable year-round, there are times when we rely on partners to help us boost donations. Let us know if you are a potential partner who can provide gifts for blood donors and help us amplify our voice in times of great need.

Central to all of our partnerships is a shared commitment toward greater good and inspiring awe. When you partner with Vitalant you are part of a movement that stands for impact, transforming lives and celebrating life. We know that together, with curious minds and diverse thinking and resources, we can achieve something great.

If Vitalant sounds like a partnership fit for you or your organization, contact us.

“Blood and marrow donors helped me survive and now I’m looking forward to a healthy future.”


image of Steven, blood recipient