At this time, we require both staff and donors to wear a face covering at blood drives or donation centers. Appointments are also strongly recommended.

We invite you to discover the remarkable journey a blood donation takes from the donor who gives the life-transforming gift to the hospital patient who depends on it. Most people are amazed at the process and all there is to learn. What would you like to know?

  • What is it like to give blood?
  • How are the different blood components used to save hospital patients’ lives? 
  • How is blood typed and tested?
  • What is the journey of one unit of blood from the time it’s donated to when it’s delivered to a hospital?
  • What is the history of blood donation? 

We offer a variety of onsite tours at many of our facilities across the county that are fun, fascinating and educational. We are also happy to bring an informative, interactive presentation to your group. Learning more about what we do enhances the experiences of blood donors and blood drive coordinators.

Are you ready to uncover the wonder of saving lives? Let us know what experience is right for your group. Sign up below.

Go forth and awe