At this time, we require both staff and donors to wear a face covering at blood drives or donation centers. Appointments are also strongly recommended.

Nearly 1,000 hospitals in more than 2 dozen states count on Vitalant to be prepared for day-to-day and unimaginable blood product needs.

In October 2017, Vitalant immediately provided the blood to treat survivors of the Las Vegas concert shooting. Volunteers lined up for days to donate blood at Vitalant donation centers and mobile blood drives in the area. Vitalant's national strength was there too: expediting the replenishment of blood collection supplies, bringing in staff from other regions to relieve the Las Vegas team, coordinating with public safety incident management leaders and fielding countless interview requests from reporters down the street and around the world. 

When severe weather or natural disasters shut down local communities, including donation centers, Vitalant’s capacity and dispersed locations allow us to flex collections in other parts of the country to bring needed resources to affected areas—not just for a day or two, but for the sustained periods that are sometimes required. 

Patients in one of the larger cities we serve had to travel out of state for a specialized therapy called photopheresis. In that procedure, the patient’s plasma is collected, treated and returned to the patient. It wasn’t practical for one of the area hospitals to provide the service, but Vitalant had the expertise right in town and was able to bring in the necessary equipment from one of our other regions. Within two months, the service was up and running and the initial patient was responding well. Word spread and physicians throughout the area can contact Vitalant to make the service available to their patients.



Responding to Needs