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Patients Need Your Blood Donation Today

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Host a Platelet Party

At a Vitalant Pennsylvania donation center near you. At a date and time convenient to you.

Have Fun Saving Lives: Host a Platelet Party

Have you ever been to a jewelry, cookware, candle party, etc. – where you gather with a group to buy stuff you really don’t need?

A Platelet Party uses the same concept but turns it around – instead of getting, you are giving.

A group of friends gets together to donate platelets at one of our donation centers.  

There’s food, fun, fellowship and even prizes, and you’re Transforming Lives at the same time!

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How to Host a Platelet Party

  • Work with your local Vitalant Pennsylvania donation center to pick a date
  • Invite friends and family members to donate platelets
  • Post a Facebook event
  • Mail or deliver printed invitations
  • Display flyers at your workplace, community center, school, etc.
  • Share the importance of donating platelets

We provide:

  • Party-themed decorations and food 
  • Flyers, invitations and platelet donation information to share
  • Gift bags for all participants
  • Hostess gift
  • Incentive for anyone who books a future party

I’m In! How Do I Get Started?

Email us at and give us your name, area where you live or donate, and a phone number and good time to call so we can contact you to make arrangements.

About Platelet Donation

Platelets are the part of the blood that promotes clotting. Platelets are most often needed by patients with blood diseases like leukemia, and cancer patients going through chemotherapy. They are always in high demand and short supply!

A platelet donation is done through a machine, and the process takes about 2 hours total. For more information on the process, visit our platelets page.

We are all here to contribute our gifts toward something greater than ourselves, and will never be content unless we do.
Charlie Eisenstein