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Welcome Vitalant Blood Donors!

Welcome Vitalant Blood Donors!

Vitalant has transitioned to a new, streamlined online account site for Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia donors May 16, 2023. Instructions can be found here.

Some of the enhanced features include:

  • Find a convenient donation site using your current location.
  • Easily schedule an appointment by location and donation type.
  • Complete a mobile-friendly health history questionnaire and email the bar-coded ticket to yourself.
  • Share a digital ID with Vitalant staff from your phone. (You will be assigned a new donor ID number as a result of this transition.)
  • Access our mobile app to manage appointments, check wellness info and view your donation history.

Important Note about New Account Creation and Your Email Address

Our new site requires a unique email address for every donor. It will serve as your username so you can create a new online account (a one-time setup). If you haven’t yet given Vitalant your email address to include in your donor record, please add it to the contact information in your current online donor account as soon as possible, or contact us at 877-258-4825 or so we can add it in our system.

Once you create your new account and log in, your historical donation and health information will be available. Donor recognition points also will automatically transfer to your new donor account as long as you are opted into the Donor Recognition Program AND have come to donate since Feb. 14, 2022. Please be aware that your new donor account will take you to a new recognition store.

If you currently share an email address with one or more Vitalant donors, we are asking each of you to create a unique email address as soon as possible to prepare for this transition. Once you have the new email address created, please contact us at the phone number or email address above so we can update it in our system.

How-to Guides

Please note: New York and New Jersey coordinators will continue to use their current online blood drive management site until they transition to the new site.