At this time, we require both staff and donors to wear a face covering at blood drives or donation centers. Appointments are also strongly recommended.

Do Good for Yourself and Others

Your role in the world matters. You’re part of something bigger than yourself. What if you could transcend your own fears and uncertainties because you know you’re impacting someone else’s life significantly? 

From the day we’re born, we all have a gift inside of us. A source of life pulsing within us that has the power to transform another life. Renewing and exponential, this gift is a source of healing. Survival. Second Chances. Comfort. Moments. Time. A future. There is no greater gift. 

The ultimate pay-it-forward moment—in order to move life forward—is the simple act of giving blood. Read more about everyday people whose lives have been transformed by the generosity of others.

If you’d like to inspire others to make an impact, share your story as a blood recipient (or loved one of someone who needed blood) or blood donor.

image of blood recipient


With hundreds of blood transfusions, two marrow transplants, two hip replacements and too-numerous-to-count medical procedures now behind him, Steven defines strength and resilience.

“Blood and marrow donors helped me survive and now I’m looking forward to a healthy future,”
– Steven, Blood Recipient

image of blood recipient


At only 20 days old, little Oliver, a preemie, endured heart surgery. During the next four-plus months in the hospital, he received a total of 11 blood transfusions.

“I encourage everyone to give blood. Just look at Ollie – 11 individuals helped him survive and we are forever grateful.”
– Katie, Mother of Blood Recipient


image of family of blood recipient


After suffering not one, but two life-threatening pregnancy complications 9 years apart, Kristin needed a total of 42 blood transfusions that changed her life and her family’s lives.

“I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the blood donors who generously gave their time to make a donation. You are making a real difference.”
​– Kristin, Blood Recipient

image of blood recipient


Lauryn depends on life-transforming blood transfusions every three weeks to treat a rare genetic disorder that prevents her body from producing healthy red blood cells,

“I wish I could hug every single blood donor who selflessly gives my daughter the opportunity to shine.” – Christine, Mother of Blood Recipient

image of blood recipient


A true fighter, Jaziel battled leukemia three times and received 135 blood transfusions during his childhood. Now cancer free and a high school graduate he has dreams of becoming an oncology nurse.

“My childhood was interrupted by cancer for six long, extremely emotional years. I can say I always knew I wasn’t alone thanks to my generous blood donors.”
​– Jaziel, Blood Recipient

image of blood recipient


Blood transfusions help Angel feel healthy and strong. Throughout her life, Angel has received hundreds of blood transfusions to treat sickle cell disease.

“Thank you for your time and for forever impacting the lives of others by giving blood.”
– Angela, Mother of Blood Recipient