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Volunteer Opportunities at Vitalant

Volunteering to donate blood at Vitalant is one important way to join our lifesaving team, but we also offer other volunteer opportunities that make a difference in your community. Volunteer opportunities at Vitalant vary by region, but the impact is the same—your actions save lives by helping patients get the blood they need.

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Blood Drive Volunteer
    As the face of Vitalant blood drives, the Blood Drive Volunteer will ensure that blood donors have an exceptional experience in a clean environment from the moment they arrive until the time they leave.
  • Transportation Volunteer
    Couriers travel throughout our service area transporting products for timely distribution. Our volunteer couriers transport to and from mobile blood drives, hospitals, and medical centers. 
  • Administrative Volunteer
    Administrative Volunteers can assist Vitalant by making phone calls, sorting and filing documents, assisting in the mail room, packing supplies in the warehouse, and much more. 


I’ve been placed in a position to be essential to help people, not just during COVID-19 but all along, and all the years I’ve been volunteering.

Jim Mansfield

Jim Mansfield
Life is filled with challenges but lifting others up can help us through hard days. And that’s exactly what Vitalant volunteer Sandra does. She says the best thing about volunteering is “meeting new people and knowing I’m helping others.” Although Sandra has had to take time off from volunteering here and there (e.g., COVID pandemic, caring for parents, health issues, etc.), she returned with a smile and a mission to serve, happily connecting with donors, providing post-donation refreshments at her local center.
Thanks, Sandra!

Thousands of volunteer blood drive coordinators partner with us to ensure a safe blood supply is available for patients who need it.