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Learn About Blood Donation

If you want to learn more about blood types and the blood donation process, you’ve come to the right place. Explore these sections to see the impact of blood donations, discover fun and interesting facts about blood types, and learn how Vitalant is involved in blood donation research.

Impact of Blood Donation

All blood types are needed 24/7, 365 days a year to help hospital patients. Read about the impact of blood donation and who your blood, platelet and plasma donations are helping, plus hear directly from recipients how blood transfusions impacted their lives.

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Blood Types

Learn more about blood types and why it’s important that the donor’s and recipient’s blood types are compatible when patients receive a transfusion. If you know your blood type, find out how common it is and other interesting facts unique to your type. We also explain what type of donation you should make to have the greatest impact.

Explore Blood Types
Blood Donation Process

How is your time spent during the approximately one hour it takes to donate blood? Our pictorial guide and video show you the blood donation process step by step. You can also download our blood donation preparation guide.

Blood Donation Process
Blood Donation Research

Vitalant is not only one of the nation’s largest blood service providers, but also has been a key contributor to blood donation research worldwide for decades. Through our Vitalant Research Institute, we’ve helped advanced blood safety and much more.

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