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Host a blood drive

Another way you can help hospital patients is when you host a blood drive. Community organizations, businesses and individuals are always needed to take on this role. You can host a blood drive in person or virtually. Review the sections below for more information on how to host a blood drive.
Learn about Hosting a Blood Drive

What does it take to be a blood drive coordinator, also known as hosting a blood drive? No special skills are needed, simply a desire to help patients and a few basic requirements. Vitalant’s team will show you how to host a blood drive and guide you through the process. There are a couple options for hosting a blood drive.

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Apply to Host a Blood Drive

If you’re ready and willing to host a blood drive but aren’t sure where to begin, fill out our Contact Us form. A Vitalant representative in your area will get in touch with you and help you start your journey of saving lives.

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Manage Your Blood Drive

If you’re already signed up to host a blood drive, we offer resources for managing your blood drives and recruiting donors. They include a coordinator portal for organizing and keeping track of your donors. Vitalant also offers a variety of digital and printable pieces for recruiting blood donors.

Host a blood drive resources