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Club Program

June 1 - Aug. 31

Host a summer blood drive and you could earn funds for your club. 

Students, parents and the community can help support your school's club or team while helping ensure patients have the blood they need when you host a blood drive drive with Vitalant.
Host a blood drive June 1 – Aug. 31 that collects at least 30 blood donations* to help patients, and you can earn a $10 credit per donation for your group, redeemable for an Gift Card.**


  • Drive must be hosted June 1 – Aug. 31.
  • Drive must be held separately from school-day drives for students and faculty.
  • Program may not be combined with other Vitalant scholarship programs.
  • Drive must collect a minimum of 30 blood donations* to earn $10 per donation.
  • Club earns $10 per donation once the 30-donation minimum has been reached.
  • Monetary amount of gift card not to exceed $500 within the year. Disbursements to individual groups that exceed $500 must be evaluated and approved prior to completion.
  • Private and public high school, elementary and middle school clubs, groups and teams are eligible.
  • Clubs may host more than one blood drive during the program period at the discretion of the local team; however, donations are not cumulative and will not be added together to achieve the 30-donation minimum.
  • Each blood drive is counted as a single occurrence when calculating the total number of blood donations and credits. Blood donations from other drives will not be added to the total.
  • Virtual blood drives and donations collected on virtual blood drives do not qualify for the program.
  • Completed blood donations will be factored into the sponsor’s total. Attempts and deferrals are not a completed donation.
  • Vitalant will offer this program to select sponsors only.
  • Donor Recruitment Manager approval is required prior to booking the blood drive.
  • Funds will be distributed in the form of an Gift Card redeemable by email**.
  • The funds are non-transferable and not redeemable for cash.
  • If a blood drive is canceled by Vitalant, every effort will be made to rebook the sponsor’s drive within the program timeframe.
  • If a blood drive is canceled by the sponsor, every effort will be made by Vitalant to rebook the blood drive, subject to resource and date availability.

* Completed blood donations count toward the blood drive donation total. If a donation is started and not completed for any reason, that donation is incomplete (not transfusable) and will not be added to the blood drive total. The blood drive total is based on actual donations collected on the blood drive. 
** Restrictions apply; see gift card redeemable by email. Gift cards are not transferrable and not redeemable for cash. Gift cards will not be handed out at the blood drive.