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Donate for mothers

Colorado Donate for Mothers

The Colorado Donate for Mothers initiative was an incredible success in 2023. During the event, a total of 41 blood drives were organized, surpassing the previous year's count of 31. Overall, 1281 blood donations were made, which makes 3,843 transfusable blood units—more than doubling the number of donations in 2022. The virtual blood drives were also successful, with 30 pledges and 49 donations made through the CO/WY/RC virtual blood drive links, resulting in the collection of 94 blood units. In comparison, the previous year saw only 9 pledges and 3 units collected.

The Donate for Mothers event attracted 192 first-time donors, a significant increase from the 93 first-timers in the previous year. The media coverage of the event was extensive, with major networks in the Denver Metro and Colorado Springs highlighting stories of women who required blood transfusions to save their lives during childbirth. The event also received volunteer support, with over 20 volunteers participating. Dr. Vy Rossi, the founder of Donate for Mothers, personally attended 28 of the 41 drives.

Additionally, volunteers held 2 materials assembly days and organized 1000+ giveaway items from and various advocacy groups and medical institutions. The event partnered with 32 hospitals and 7 community organizations, creating a wide network of support for maternal health advocacy.