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First Responders Unite Nov. 28 to Kick-Off Holiday Blood Drive

As a first responder, you know first-hand you can’t wait for an emergency to donate.  It is the blood on the shelves that saves lives . . . Fire and police donors are needed to give blood on Tuesday, Nov. 28, for the cameras at the media kick-off for the First Responders Unite Holiday Blood Drive.  The event at the Hall of Flame will launch a statewide campaign to encourage donors across Arizona to join first responders by giving blood during the winter holiday season - the most difficult time of the year to maintain our blood supply.  You can help by making an appointment below to lead the effort. 


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In appreciation for your participation, all blood donors will be thanked with vouchers for:

  • a free pizza at the Streets of New York
  • a free ticket to The Phoenix Symphony
  • a complimentary admission to the Hall of Flame, the world’s largest firefighting museum, voted New Times Best of Phoenix 2020

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To me, donating blood is a spiritual experience. You are giving something that was part of you to help a complete stranger live.
Connor, Blood Donor