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Vitalant's High School Scholarship Program

July 1 - June 30

Host a high school blood drive

Vitalant is excited to offer high school blood drive partners a scholarship! 

This is a non-competitive scholarship program*, to encourage high schools to host blood drives and help patients in need. Here is a breakdown of the scholarships that can be earned:

Blood Donations Collected**
July 1 - June 30
Scholarship Award
30 - 59 $250
60 - 79 $500
80 - 99 $750
100 - 124 $1,000
125 - 149 $1,250
150 - 199 $1,500
200 - 249 $2,000
250 - 299 $2,500
300 - 399  $3,000
400+ $4,000

Take action and book your blood drives now to secure your dates. Thank you for your continued partnership and dedication to ensuring patients always have the blood they need.

*Vitalant's high school scholarship program is only available to high schools in specific parts of Ohio, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and the Las Vegas area. If you have questions about your school's eligibility, contact your Vitalant representative.
**Vitalant will calculate the total number of blood donations earned July 1 - June 30 based on completed donations. Please let your Vitalant representative know if you intend to participate in this year's scholarship program.

Program Guidelines

Schools seeking to participate in Vitalant's high school scholarship program must work with a local account manager to plan their blood drives. To achieve the highest benefit from the partnership, students should actively participate in the pre-drive planning, blood donor education, recruitment, publicity, and execution processes. This program has limited availability. Please contact your local account manager to verify your school is in an area serviced by the program or send an email to  

Program Guidelines
  1. High school hosts their blood drive(s) with Vitalant July 1 – June 30 to qualify for a scholarship. 
  2. Scholarship award is based on the total number of completed (successful, transfusable) blood donations collected by the school July 1 – June 30.  
  3. Completed (successful, transfusable) blood donations made through a school’s virtual blood drive or referral code will be added to the school’s total on a case-by-case basis. Donations made to a school’s virtual blood drive or referral code are subject to review to ensure accurate totals.  
  4. Blood donation totals will be calculated after the program period ends to allow each school the most time to achieve their scholarship goal. 
  5. Scholarship awards will be based on total products collected calculated by Vitalant’s blood drive analytics software. Blood donation totals are subject to review prior to award notifications to ensure accurate totals awarded to each school. 
  6. Blood drives will be scheduled based on calendar availability following Vitalant’s regional scheduling, staffing, and planning processes. 
  7. The blood drive must be held to have the successful, transfusable donations counted toward the school’s total. Appointments, cancellations, attempts, deferrals, and quantity-not-sufficient donations do not result in a transfusable blood donation and will not count toward the school’s total. 
  8. Participating school primary account and primary drive contacts will receive scholarship notification by email. 
  9. The scholarship award must be used as an award of a scholarship or scholarships for students after high school and may be divided into increments for the purposes of awarding scholarships at the school’s discretion. 
  10. Funds may be sent directly to the student’s choice of institute of higher learning, OR the contribution can be made to the high school’s scholarship fund. 
  11. This is a non-competitive scholarship program. 
  12. Schools are eligible for one scholarship award per program period.  
  13. Scholarships are non-transferrable and not redeemable for cash. 
  14. Checks will be dispersed within sixty (60) days after the program end date OR within sixty (60) days of receipt of all required information. 
  15. Checks received and not cashed within ninety (90) days will be deemed null and void. 

I believe the idea that my blood could help save a life is so amazing. Even though I am not a trained medical professional, I can still make a positive impact on others.

Chris, Blood Donor