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It ’s Hero Time. Save Lives Today.

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Kublacon Game Convention Blood Drive

Friday, May 27 Saturday, May 28 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport 1333 Bayshore Highway BURLINGAME

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Enjoy the 20th Anniversary of the Kublacon Gaming Convention by donating blood and saving lives. 

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Friday, May 27
Saturday May 28

In 1976, only a few years after recovery from two years of extensive illnesses that prevented his final editing “cuts” of I Will Fear No Evil, Robert Heinlein put his own words into action. With the help of other science fiction devotees, including many well-known authors, he organized a blood drive at MidAmericon, the 34th World Science Fiction Convention. It was the first of many such blood drives and was the start of a tradition.

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I believe the idea that my blood could help save a life is so amazing. Even though I am not a trained medical professional, I can still make a positive impact on others.
Chris, Blood Donor