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Power UP! Give Platelets Today to Help Cancer Patients

You’re just the right type to give platelets! Power UP to a platelet donation to help cancer patients.

As a platelet donor, you’ll play a vital role in the care of cancer patients. Over 50% of all donated platelets go to cancer patient care who often receive multiple platelet transfusions during their chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Because of donors like YOU, cancer patients can recover quicker and continue to make memories with their loved ones.

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As a special recognition of your willingness to try something new, we want to make your first platelet donation experience extra memorable. Power UP to your first platelet donation (Feb. 25 - March 16, 2024) and get $25 through the Donor Rewards program!

To thank-you for powering up to a platelet donation, you’ll receive $25 through the Donor Rewards program to redeem for various gift cards of your choice!

Important information about the $25 for giving your first platelet donation:

  • With each platelet donation in 2024, you will earn $10 in through the Donor Rewards program. To thank-you for giving your first platelet donation, we’ll give you a bonus $15 for a total of $25.
  • You must be opted into the Donor Rewards program to enable redemption of the points earned with each donation.
  • Please allow 7-10 business days for points to be allocated to your rewards program account.

NEW IN 2024: Dedicated platelet donors like you will earn a $10 gift card through the Donor Rewards program for each platelet donation this year. It’s our way of saying thanks for your generosity! 


Promotional offer disclaimer:

Presenting donors who come in to donate during the promotional time frame (Feb. 25 - March 16, 2024) are eligible and will receive points ONLY if they’ve first created an online donor account AND opted into the Donor Rewards program. Limit one (1) per presenting donation. Physical gift cards will NOT be handed out at the blood donation location. Offer is non-transferable and not redeemable for cash. Offer is subject to change at any time during the promotional time frame. Bonus points will be added to donor account approximately 7-10 business days after the successful platelet donation. With your donation points, we will add enough bonus points to allow you to redeem a $25 gift card through the Donor Rewards program. Some donors may qualify for an additional promotion (or a higher valued gift card) during this same time frame and may receive additional, separate gift cards via email.