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Come to give platelets on a Sunday – Monday for $15 in gift cards!

Give platelets on Sunday or Monday and we’ll boost your gift card to $15! Why these days? Because that's when we need you the most.

Most cancer patients receiving platelet transfusions at the end of the week rely on platelet donations made earlier in the week. To thank you for ensuring patients receive the care that they need, you’ll receive a BONUS $5 when you donate platelets on a Sunday or Monday for a total of $15 through the Donor Rewards program!

Cancer patients undergoing treatment often need lifesaving platelet transfusions, and YOU make that possible.

  1. Donate platelets on a Sunday or Monday.
  2. Give multiple times to earn multiple rewards!
  3. Help save lives with each platelet donation.

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Important information about the bonus $5 for giving platelet on a Sunday or Monday:

  • With each platelet donation in 2024, you will earn $10 through the Donor Rewards program. To thank you for giving on a Sunday or Monday in February, we’ll give you a bonus $5 for a total of $15.
  • You must be opted into the Donor Rewards program to enable redemption of the points earned with each donation.
  • Please allow 7-10 business days for points to be allocated to your rewards program account.
  • Platelet donors who give on multiple qualifying days during the promotional time frame will earn multiple rewards! (Platelets can be given as often as every 7 days.)

Schedule Your Platelet Donations Now

Platelet Pro Tip: You can schedule several platelet donations at one time. Simply make sure to schedule each donation at least 7 days from the last donation.

Promotional offer disclaimer:

* Presenting donors who come in to donate during the promotional time frame (Sun. or Mon., May 19, 2024 – August 26, 2024) are eligible ONLY if they provide their email address to enable redemption and if they’ve opted into the donor recognition program. Limit one (1) per presenting donation. Physical gift cards will NOT be handed out at the blood donation location. Bonus points will be added to donor account approximately 7-10 business days after the successful platelet donation. Once a donor qualifies, the donor can redeem them for up to a $15 electronic gift card. $5 bonus points are in addition to the standard $10 earned with each platelet donation in 2024.