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Platelet donor gift

Come to give platelets Fridays-Tuesdays, March 17 to April 25, and get an exclusive Vitalant Platelet Donor T-Shirt.

Cancer patients undergoing treatment often need lifesaving platelet transfusions, and YOU make that possible.

  1. Donate platelets Friday-Tuesday on the following weekends:
    • Fri., March 17–Tue., March 21
    • Fri., March 24–Tue., March 28
    • Fri., March 31–Tue., April 4
    • Fri., April 7–Tue., April 11
    • Fri., April 14–Tue., April 18
    • Fri., April 21–Tue., April 25
  2. Receive an email within two weeks about how to redeem your Vitalant Platelet Donor T-Shirt.
  3. Show off your new Vitalant Platelet Donor T-Shirt and wear it to your next platelet donation.
  4. If you give platelets on more than one weekend throughout the promotional time frame, you can qualify for multiple shirts.

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Important information about the Vitalant Platelet Donor T-Shirt:

  1. Donors must donate on at least one day between Friday–Tuesday during the promotional time frame March 17 to April 25.
  2. Qualifying donors will have the opportunity to redeem the Vitalant Platelet Donor T-Shirt.
  3. Please allow up to 2 weeks for redemption email to be sent to the email address we have on file for you.
  4. Vitalant Platelet Donor T-Shirts are on a first-come, first-served basis and are while supplies last. Vitalant Platelet Donor T-Shirts will not be handed out in person at the donation site.
  5. Please allow up to two weeks for items to be sent. Due to supply chain issues, the Vitalant Platelet Donor T-Shirt may take a little longer than usual.
  6. Platelet donors who give on at least one day between Friday–Tuesday during the promotional time frame March 17 to April 25 can receive more than one redemption email.

Schedule your platelet donations now

Tip: You can schedule several platelet donations at one time. Simply make sure to schedule each donation at least 7 days from the last donation.

*Presenting donors who receive this offer and come in to donate during the promotional time frame (Fridays-Tuesdays from March 17–April 25, 2023) are eligible ONLY if they provide their email address to enable redemption. Limit one (1) per presenting donor. Items are subject to availability. This offer is non-transferable and not redeemable for cash. Offer is subject to change at any time during the promotional time frame. Instructions on how to claim your gift will be sent to the email address provided on your donor record within 2 weeks after attempted donation.