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Participate in our national Healthcare United virtual blood drive

Thank you, healthcare workers

In Support of Healthcare Workers Everywhere

Thank you, healthcare workers – from the custodial staff to administration to front line patient care. Without you, positive patient outcomes are not possible.

We see your continued hard work, and we at Vitalant are proud to work alongside you as a vital link in the healthcare chain. You and your colleagues play a critical role in patient care, and so does a stable blood supply.

We understand healthcare workers are being challenged in unprecedented ways. Keeping the blood and platelet supply strong is one way we can collectively alleviate an everyday concern of yours – and show you our support.

Vitalant is working hard to keep the blood and platelet supply strong, and it takes all of us rallying around this crucial mission to keep the nation’s blood supply strong. Members of the healthcare community are among the strongest advocates for blood donation, and now we’ve made it even simpler for you to invite your friends, family and community to donate blood and platelets.

Make blood donation a simple way for your network to recognize your heroic efforts and support the patients in need you serve. We invite healthcare workers to inspire their friends, family and community to donate blood and platelets to support healthcare workers like you and positive patient outcomes by donating blood and hosting a virtual blood drive.

Virtual blood drives allow you to inspire blood donors digitally throughout Vitalant’s nationwide footprint. Donors can donate on your behalf at any Vitalant donor center or mobile blood drive that is convenient for them. Learn more.

Schedule a virtual blood drive today and help ensure a safe, stable blood supply for patients across the nation.

Unite to Support Healthcare Workers Your Way

Schedule a personal virtual blood drive.

To schedule a personal virtual blood drive, you will need to work with a Donor Recruitment Representative to set up your unique hyperlink. Your donor recruitment representative will walk you through hosting a virtual blood drive and provide you tools to make your drive successful. 

Use this form to get in touch with a account manager.

Participate in our national Healthcare United virtual blood drive.

Vitalant has sponsored a national Healthcare United blood drive to show support for healthcare workers across the country. Use the hyperlink below to commit to donating blood on behalf of this virtual blood drive or to recruit blood donors to join the effort.

Participating in a virtual blood drive is as easy as:
1) Join the Healthcare United virtual blood drive using the link below.
2) Find a convenient location - schedule or walk in.
3) Prepare for your donation with a healthy meal and hydration.
4) Donate blood, transform lives. United&division=NATIONAL®ion=DEN 

Note: Be sure to copy and paste the entirety of the virtual blood drive link when recruiting blood donors through social media, email, or other means.