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Blood Donations Critically Needed During Trauma Awareness Month

Vitalant donors can keep tabs on own health while helping patients in need

Every Blood Type, Platelets Needed

A single trauma patient can need 100 units of blood to save their life. Emergencies unfold in hospitals every day and they don’t happen on schedule. All blood types and platelets are needed not just for emergencies, but for planned surgeries, transplants and medical treatments. Type O blood is most commonly transfused and type O negative is vital in emergencies when a patient’s blood type isn’t known. Platelets are also needed every day because they must be used within a week of donation. Platelets often support cancer patients and are used to help form blood clots and stop bleeding.

Help Patients, Keep Tabs on Own Health

May is also High Blood Pressure Education Month. Each Vitalant donor receives a mini-physical and full panel of tests. Donors can keep track of their pulse, blood pressure, hemoglobin and cholesterol in their secure and confidential online account. For a limited time, Vitalant donors can also find out their COVID-19 antibody status and potentially help immunocompromised COVID-19 patients. Learn more at

How to Give

Appointments are encouraged. Please visit or call 877-25-VITAL (877-258-4825) for the most updated information. Donors who meet all eligibility requirements can give regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status. Masks are optional for staff, donors and visitors except where required by local regulations or blood drive host.

About Vitalant

Vitalant (“Vye-TAL-ent”) is the nation’s largest independent, nonprofit blood services provider exclusively focused on providing lifesaving blood and comprehensive transfusion medicine services for about 900 hospitals and their patients across the U.S. Every day, Vitalant needs to collect nearly 5,000 blood, platelet and plasma donations to help save lives. For more information and to schedule a donation appointment, visit or call 877-25-VITAL (877-258-4825). Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.