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Give Blood in Honor of Moms in May

Transfusions needed in 1 of 83 deliveries

As Mother’s Day approaches, nonprofit blood services provider Vitalant is urging all eligible donors to give blood this May. Every two seconds a patient needs blood, including 1 in every 83 baby deliveries.

Kate Seppala is grateful for the donors whose more than 50 donations helped her after complications with the birth of her daughter, Agatha. She also needed an additional 14 units of blood during two surgeries that followed.

“I realized it hit me recently when I was donating blood…without blood donors, it wouldn’t have mattered what my medical team did those days,” Seppala said. “All of their skills, knowledge, tools…if the blood wasn’t there ready to go, there wouldn’t have been anything they could do.” 

May is also Trauma Awareness Month. More donors are needed to ensure hospitals have enough blood ready to treat patients for all unpredictable emergencies, as well as scheduled treatments and elective surgeries. The need is critical for donations of all blood types, especially type O, because O-positive is the most common type. O-negative blood can help any patient, including premature babies. Platelets most often help patients who are battling cancer.

As a special thank you, those who give blood with Vitalant through May 15 will receive a $10 Gift Card, and a total of $20 in Gift Cards for those who donate between May 9-May 15*. Plus, all donors in May are automatically entered into the “Vacay Giveaway” to win one of 3, $5,000 prepaid gift cards. All promotions and giveaways are redeemable by email.

Learn more and make an appointment to give at, download and use the Vitalant app or call 877-25-VITAL (877-258-4825). 

*Restrictions apply; see