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Welcome Blood Drive Coordinators!

Welcome Vitalant Blood Drive Coordinators!

Vitalant has transitioned to a new online portal for Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia blood drive coordinators May 16, 2023. On the new portal, you will still be able to reach out to your donors, schedule appointments and track your blood drive’s success. We encourage you to explore the resources below and to bookmark this page and revisit it for updates.

New Account Creation

Our new portal requires a new account. Starting May 16, coordinators with confirmed blood drives scheduled for May 16 and later will be sent an email from to create their new accounts. If you haven’t confirmed your future blood drive, please do so as soon as possible and you’ll be sent the account creation email in November.

If you have hosted a blood drive in the past two years but do not have a future confirmed blood drive yet, you will receive your account creation email beginning May 16 or later that week.

If you don’t receive an email from Vitalant, please work with your IT team to ensure emails from and are not blocked by any security and firewall settings.

If you have questions, please contact your account manager or reach out to us at 877-25-VITAL (877-258-4825) or


Coordinator Resources

Donor Resources

On the same date, we’re also transitioning to a new online account site for donors. Once they set up their new account, donors will be able to book appointments, track wellness information, earn reward points for thank-you gifts and more. 

Additional Resources for Donors

How You Can Help

Our new donor account site requires a unique email address (one not used by another Vitalant donor) to set up a new account. You can help your donors prepare for the transition by encouraging those who haven’t yet given Vitalant an email address to add one to the contact information in their current donor account, ask our staff to do so the next time they donate or contact us at 877-258-4825 or

Please note: New York and New Jersey coordinators will continue to use their current online blood drive management site until they transition to the new site.