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Even before the release of the latest highly anticipated superhero film, 1 most everyone daydreamed about being a superhero at one point or another. But what does it mean to be a superhero, anyway?

For hospital patients facing an uncertain future, some of the biggest heroes in their lives are undoubtedly people who give blood. Blood donors give with no thought of reward, and that’s what a real hero does.

Blood is even more important than most probably realize: A single critically injured patient has the potential to nearly wipe out a hospital’s blood supply. And unfortunately, people are wounded every day, during car or motorcycle accidents, in the workplace, or from domestic violence or gunshot wounds.

Marvel’s King T’Challa — more famously known by his superhero mantle of Black Panther — won the hearts of countless fans across the world when the first film debuted back in 2018. And while no one can deny the cool factor of a bulletproof suit stylized as a fierce apex predator, the character was memorable not because of his powers or retractable claws, but because of his kindness and moral fortitude. Though initially reluctant to share the resources of the fictional African nation he governs with the world, the superhero eventually comes around thanks in part due to the humanitarian influence of his romantic interest.

You, too, have an invaluable resource of your own: blood. Even with modern technology, blood cannot be manufactured, leaving patients completely reliant on the generosity of donors like you.

help hospital patients

So does being a hero mean being a little brave, doing something selfless and helping others? If so, blood donation certainly qualifies. There’s nothing even remotely scary about blood donation, and there definitely aren’t any villains roaming around our facilities!

If not enough people donate blood, it may not be available for trauma and cancer patients when it matters most. The supply of blood products can be especially low around the holidays. On average, blood donations drop by more than 4,000 in December compared to the rest of the year, making your everyday heroics even more vital. In a medical emergency, if enough blood is not available, doctors may be faced with the impossible choice of who gets blood and who must wait. Please join other donors to prevent impossible choices, and give blood like lives depend on it — because they do. Learn more about blood donation.

With Marvel’s sequel film now released to theaters, there’s no better time to tap into your inner superhero. Patients rely on the real-life everyday heroes of our world — people just like you.

You don’t need super strength or a flexible metal suit to help hospital patients.

Schedule your next appointment today, and save up to three lives.
Published by: Jeremy T. — Vitalant Contributor

  1. The “Black Panther” films and all associated content referenced herein are property of Marvel/Walt Disney Studios.