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What’s your favorite holiday tradition? Do you gather with family for a large meal? Maybe you decorate your home inside and out? Or perhaps you make a favorite dessert that your mom used to make for you when you were young?

Traditions provide comfort and meaning to our holiday celebrations. Some make us smile as we recall fond family memories and others can remind us of historic origin stories related to the holiday.

Whatever holiday traditions you follow, consider adding one more this season: donate blood.

For some the holidays are difficult as they can remind us of loved ones who are no longer with us. Creating a new tradition, like donating blood, may be a way to honor those we lost or simply just change your perspective on what that holiday represents.

When you donate blood during the holidays, you help at a time when the number of blood donations plummet. But as donations drop, patient need holds steady.

You can give a gift a hospital patient will never forget. You may be providing that patient the opportunity to share special holidays, or birthdays, or anniversary celebrations with family and other loved ones. So, it’s not just a gift for the patients, but also for their families and friends — the best kinds of traditions are the ones that can be shared.

Meet Amanda

Amanda blood donor

Amanda was diagnosed with Wilson’s Disease, a rare, genetic liver condition. Fortunately, she received a liver transplant. During her surgery and recovery, Amanda needed 112 blood transfusions—27 red blood cell, 26 platelet and 59 plasma transfusions.

Blood donations helped save Amanda’s life so that she was able to complete a nursing degree. Most importantly, Amanda was able to come home to her husband and two daughters. Every holiday is one that Amanda and her family hold especially dear.

No matter what traditions you observe, giving blood this holiday season is certain to add more depth and meaning to your holiday celebrations. Please consider making a blood donation appointment today.

Wishing you and yours a very happy holiday season.

Published by: Brad Daughtry