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Earlier this year, we asked our extraordinary donors what they would say to someone who was considering giving blood for the first time. The response was overwhelming, with over 3,200 heartfelt messages flooding in, each offering a unique perspective on why giving blood matters, all in your own words. 

Here is just a handful of the responses we got:

"It's not just about giving blood; it's about giving hope. Be a source of light for someone in need."
"It's a chance to pay it forward for the kindness you've received in your own life."
"Be the reason someone gets a second chance." 
"You hold the power to write a beautiful story of hope and survival."
"In a world that often feels divided, blood donation unites us in our shared humanity."
"Imagine a parent, child, or friend needing blood... you could be their hero."
"Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and focus on the hero you're going to be for someone."
"Donating blood is a way to make a real difference in the world, one donation at a time."
“Imagine the ripple effect of your generosity. Your donation could touch countless lives."

"Leave a legacy of kindness. Donate blood and inspire others to do the same."

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. And we can’t thank you all enough for supporting Vitalant and sharing your insightful ideas. 

If you have a minute to spare and want to make an even greater impact, consider referring a friend to make an appointment today. Feel free to borrow one of the 10 lines from above… or use your own words. Not only might their donation help save lives, but it could potentially add another loyal, repeat donor to the Vitalant community!

Article published for the Vital Donor newsletter.