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At Vitalant, we understand the importance of your time and strive to make the blood donation process as efficient and impactful as possible. One way we do this is through the mighty Power Red (sometimes called a double red cell donation), a special donation that allows you to contribute more red blood cells in a single session.

How does it work, you ask? We use a nifty process that removes a concentrated dose of your red cells and returns the other blood components to you, along with hydrating saline.

Now that we’ve gotten introductions out of the way, let’s dive into the superpowered world of Power Red, from the time it takes to the benefits it offers — and everything in between.

How Long Does Power Red Take?

A Power Red takes around 30 minutes longer than a whole blood donation because you’re contributing more red cells in one sitting. But hey, that’s  not too bad, right? Besides, you can only donate a Power Red every 112 days, up to three times a year. And afterward, you get free treats and drinks, and the satisfaction that you’ve made an impact on hospital patients’ lives.

What Are the Requirements for Power Red?

In addition to the blood donation requirements for a whole blood donation, Power Red has some criteria of its own. Nothing too complicated or strict — we just want to keep you safe.

•    Height and weight: Males must be taller than 5’1 and weigh more than 130 pounds. Females must be taller than 5’5 and weigh more than 150 pounds.

•    Blood type: Certain blood types are better suited for Power Red due to compatibility for patients. Ideal blood types include O-negative, O-positive, A-negative and B-negative.

•    Hemoglobin levels: Donors must have adequate hemoglobin levels to ensure they are at a safe level.

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Donation Frequency and Recovery Time

The frequency of Power Red donations depends on your eligibility and health status. In general, you can donate Power Red a minimum of every 112 days. As far as recovery goes, you may feel less fatigue compared to whole blood donations because your other blood components and saline are returned to you.
Benefits of Power Red

Power Red donation offers several benefits, both for you and recipients:

•    Efficiency: Power Red allows you to contribute more red cells in one visit, maximizing the impact of your donation. And because the blood cells are already separated out, your donation will spend less time in the processing lab and become available for patients sooner.

•    Reduced donation frequency: Because you’re giving twice as many red cells compared to a whole blood donation, you donate less often while still making a greater impact on patients. So in the long run, it’s a timesaver for you.

•    Critical support: The red cells collected through Power Red are essential for trauma patients, people undergoing surgery and those with certain medical conditions.

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Preparation for a Power Red Donation

To ensure a successful donation, we recommend taking these steps:

•    Hydration: Drink plenty of fluids in the days leading up to your donation to ensure you are well hydrated.

•    Nutrition: Eat a healthy, nonfat meal before your donation to maintain energy levels and prevent lightheadedness. Whatever you do, don’t donate on an empty stomach!

•    Rest: Get a good night's sleep before your donation so you feel rested and alert during the process.

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By choosing Power Red, you go that extra mile to meet the critical needs of patients in your community and beyond. If you’re eligible, please consider this opportunity to make an extraordinary difference. Power Up your donation and take your lifesaving commitment to the next level. Schedule your appointment today.