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Donor Motivation: Using Points and Promotions to Recruit Blood Donors

What motivates a blood donor to volunteer to help someone they will most likely never meet? Some donors say they give blood because “it’s the right thing to do.” Others say they give blood because they have a personal connection to the mission. Still others say they give blood because they like to earn points* or sport the free T-shirts Vitalant gives donors in recognition of their lifesaving donations during critical times of the year.

Vitalant is offering blood donors the chance to earn points and/or receive seasonal gear as a special thank you for their donations this summer, and blood drive coordinators can use the rewards to help recruit donors to upcoming blood drives. ** 

- Fourth of July, July 1 – 8, Grilling Apron 
- Labor Day, Sept. 2 – 8, Summer T-shirt 

Sometimes a gift card or T-shirt is just the nudge a person needs to spend an hour of their time saving lives. Talk to your Account Manager about adding promotional details to blood drive collateral and to learn more about our frequent donor rewards program.

*Learn more about Vitalant’s frequent donor program at

**Dates and items subject to change.

Article published for the Vital Connections newsletter.