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Donor Motivation: Using the Wellness Check for Recruiting Donors

As a coordinator, one of your most important responsibilities is recruiting new blood donors and encouraging existing blood donors to give again. In most cases, people are motivated by the ability to help someone in their community heal from trauma. In other cases, a donor might be interested in an incentive. Or sometimes, the donor is wondering what’s in it for them.  

When you recruit donors interested in personal benefits, you might find success speaking to them about the mini-physical every blood donor receives when they give blood with Vitalant. This mini-physical starts during screening and includes a temperature, pulse, blood pressure and hemoglobin check. These numbers are just a snapshot in time, but over the course of multiple donations they might reveal patterns to help the donor speak with their doctor about potential issues. The mini-physical continues after donation, when the blood donation is tested for cholesterol levels and blood type. 

After donation, a donor’s wellness information will populate into the donor portal. It’s a great way to keep an eye on your health while saving the lives of patients in serious medical need.

Article published for the Vital Connections newsletter.