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Gratitude for Donors Who Helped Save His Son’s Life Leads to Giving Back

Eric started hosting blood drives back in 2009 and is now hosting four blood drives a year. He started after his son, Dylan, needed 9 blood transfusions at only 16 months old. Thanks to blood being available, Dylan is doing well today and was able to join the Air Force.

Eric continues hosting blood drives because he is always grateful for the donors who helped save Dylan’s life. He was looking for a way to give back to the community and hosting blood drives was a perfect fit.

Eric’s favorite part of hosting blood drives is when a donor decides to donate blood for the first time. Their excitement rejuvenates his “why” for hosting. He also likes seeing his donors' excitement and pride when they receive the “your blood has shipped” text message or mailer.

There are three great tips Eric shared for hosting a blood drive:

1. Ask everyone and share the importance.

2. Explain the process and let people know it’s free to donate.

3. Start recruiting donors one month out via Facebook, text message, phone calls and word of mouth at social events.

Eric’s decision to host blood drives after his firsthand experience of the importance of having blood on hand is making a difference in countless patients’ lives.