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How a Local Business Owner Found a Unique Way to Engage the Community

During the pandemic, many individuals and businesses were seeking new ways to engage with their local communities.

As the restrictions around in-person gatherings began to ease, Michael Foulk decided to make a meaningful impact. He used the spacious setting of Gilman Brewing Company in Berkeley, CA to host a series of blood drives. Gilman Brewing Company, a popular local brewery, boasts a robust social media presence and a passionate fanbase. Michael tapped into this network to promote his blood drives, spreading the word through emails and social media posts. The response was overwhelming. 

To encourage participation, the brewery offered a "pint for a pint" promotion to donors, whereby anyone donating a pint of blood received a voucher for a beverage at a later date. This clever incentive contributed to the success of the drives. 

Since that first blood drive, Michael has coordinated four more successful events, with a total of 80 donors and 107 donations collected, including eight new donors! His dedication and creativity in promoting blood donations have been truly exceptional. Additionally, Michael was the first coordinator to pledge his support for the Bay Area's inaugural Battle of the Breweries competition, showcasing his commitment to both local businesses and community well-being. 

Can you think of a local establishment to connect with in your area? Fostering a sense of unity and giving back to the community through a partnership like Michael’s is a surefire way to set your drive up for success. 

Article published for the Vital Connections newsletter.