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Increase Health and Happiness in 2023 by Hosting Blood Drives

As we approach year’s end, you may be thinking about goals for 2023. Often, we resolve to adopt healthier habits, learn new skills, reduce our stress levels or do more for others. One valuable way you can accomplish all those goals is by hosting blood drives.

Beyond the lifesaving impact you are having on hospital patients, studies have shown that volunteering has numerous positive physical and mental benefits for you, like increasing happiness and lowering stress levels.

Think of all that comes with hosting a blood drive: meeting new people and making new friends, learning new or improving existing skills, feeling a sense of purpose, boosting your confidence. Vitalant coordinators featured in our video use descriptions such as rewarding, empowering, a deeper sense of satisfaction, and a huge sense of accomplishment in describing their experiences.

If you haven’t hosted in a while, why not resolve to start up your blood drive again? If you hosted this year, triple your happiness quotient by hosting three drives in 2023. And spread the happiness around by encouraging others to become blood drive coordinators.

Coordinating a blood drive is important year-round, but especially during critical times: summer months (especially around July 4) and winter months (November through January). These are the times when blood donations drop due to schools being on break and people busy with vacations and holiday activities.

Book your drives now and get a head start on those New Year’s resolutions. Reach out to your Vitalant representative or call 877-25-VITAL, option 3. You also can fill out the online form here. Share the link with others who are interested in hosting blood drives to get them started.

Article published for the Vital Connections newsletter.