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Power Red, or a double red cell donation, is a high impact way you can help prevent blood shortages this summer. Here’s how: 

  • With a Power Red donation, donors give a concentrated dose of red blood cells, which are the most commonly transfused component in hospitals. We use an automated process to collect red cells and then return the other blood components back to the donor. A Power Red donation usually takes about 15 minutes longer than a whole blood donation. 

  • Type O donors can Power UP to a Power Red donation and help trauma patients. 

  • Type A-negative and B-negative donors can Power UP to a Power Red donation and help patients undergoing surgeries and those with blood disorders. 

  • Many donors say they feel better after a Power Red donation compared to a whole blood donation. Saline solution is provided back to the donor with the other blood components, which leaves the body more hydrated compared to a whole blood donation. Best of all, a smaller needle is used.  

Your Account Manager will be talking to you about Power UP and providing educational materials to help you get donors involved. If you’re not hosting a blood drive this summer, you can still participate. Power UP is an ongoing initiative to help hospital patients by connecting every donor to the optimal blood donation based on their blood type.  

*Learn more about Power Red donation eligibility at or watch this video

Article published for the Vital Connections newsletter.