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You Are Vital to Ending the Critical Blood Shortage

Mitzy Edgecomb

Summer is here! And as more people receive the COVID-19Portrait of Mitzy Edgecomb vaccine, our world begins its post-pandemic comeback. This summer brings a sense of hope and excitement as we look forward to resuming family gatherings, travel and the many pleasures of summer. We also look forward to resuming more on-site blood drives to maintain the national blood supply for patients in need.

Though we are all excited for the summertime, these months present unique challenges for collecting blood for patients who rely on transfusions. On average, blood donors give several thousand fewer donations during the summer compared to the rest of the year, but the need for lifesaving blood transfusions remains steady. This seasonal change has already resulted in a critical blood shortage. Blood and plasma donations are needed to meet both emergent and routine patient needs.

As a blood drive coordinator, you provide safe and convenient blood drive locations for donors to give. If you already have a summer blood drive scheduled, you can help fight this critical blood shortage by recruiting donors to fill every appointment slot. You are the vital link between the blood donor and a fragile patient. If you do not yet have a blood drive scheduled this fall or winter, your Donor Recruitment Representative will be reaching out to hopefully get one scheduled. We recognize that COVID-19 precautions are still in place, and your Donor Recruitment Representative can help you develop a safety plan that works for your organization, location and donors.

We hope that you join us in the fulfilling experience of making an impact by hosting a blood drive in the months to come. You can help a patient celebrate their own personal comeback.

With Gratitude,

Mitzy P. Edgecomb, Vice President of Recruitment

Article published for the Vital Connections newsletter.