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You’re Invited to Host a Holiday Blood Drive

Did you know it’s common for blood centers to have difficulties sustaining the blood supply around major holidays?  

People take vacations, schools go on break and most organizations reduce the activities on their calendars. These everyday occurrences have a direct impact on the blood supply: fewer blood drives and blood donations get scheduled. 

You can help! Because you’ve pledged to continue partnering with Vitalant, we’re inviting you to be a holiday hero by scheduling an additional blood drive during a critical time of the year.As a special thank you for hosting, you’ll automatically receive the critical day thank you gift.*

Donors who give blood, platelets or plasma during Vitalant’s critical days automatically receive the special thank you gift, too. Donors may also qualify for bonus recognition points (to be announced by Vitalant). Bonus recognition points and critical day giveaways are redeemable by email. Thank you gifts and bonus points are effective ways to recruit donors and help fill holiday blood drive schedules.


2022 Critical Days  

Thank You Gift  

Memorial Day  

May 27 – June 2  

Summer T-shirt series  

Fourth of July  

July 1 – 9 

Grilling Apron   

Labor Day  

Sept. 2 – 8 

Summer T-shirt series  


Nov. 22 – 28 

$5 Gift Card  

Holiday/ New Year  

Dec. 21 – Jan. 8, 2023  

Long Sleeve T-shirt  

Dates, promotions and thank you gifts are subject to change. In the event there is a change, your Vitalant representative will notify you.

Contact your Vitalant representative or email to join our team of holiday heroes. Together, we can provide more convenient opportunities for donors to give blood year-round and ensure blood is always available for patients. Because of you, life doesn’t stop.

*Critical day giveaways for blood drive coordinators and donors are redeemable by email. 

Article published for the Vital Connections newsletter.