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App Giveaway Winners Say Giving Blood is Quick and Easy Way to Help Others

In October, we had an APP-solutely exciting promotion. Donors who used the Vitalant app to schedule a donation appointment Oct. 1-31 – and came to donate in October – were automatically entered for the chance to win 1 of 5 $3,000 prepaid gift cards.  

We are excited to announce our five winners, who were randomly selected in November from a pool of 7,284 qualifying donors. The winners were given the option of selecting one gift card to a specific retailer or multiple gift cards (adding up to $3,000) from a variety of retailers, restaurants and airlines. (Pictured above, left to right, are Heidi, Barbara and Chris).

Winner Danny B. of Arvada, CO, has been a Vitalant blood donor since 2000. Danny has a total of 90 lifetime donations, including whole blood and platelets. He donates in the Denver area and has six donations so far in 2023 – most of them platelet or platelet combination donations.  

Heidi B., of Littleton, CO, is our second winner. Heidi has given whole blood donations with Vitalant since 2011. With 55 lifetime donations, Heidi is dedicated to the cause. 

“I am so honored to have won this prize. What a wonderful blessing before the holidays,” she said. “But this isn’t why I give blood. I truly feel like it's a great thing to do and can have such an enormous impact on someone's life!” 

Heidi started donating because she was looking for a way to help others, and being a universal blood donor is what motivates her to continue donating regularly.  

For those who are anxious about giving blood, Heidi offers this advice: “It's so easy to do and doesn't take much time. All the staff at Vitalant are very nice and make sure that you are comfortable.” 

Barbara N., of Evans, CO, is our third winner, and has two lifetime donations with Vitalant. When Barbara learned she was a winner, she was shocked. “I didn't believe it at first. I have never won anything like this before. It is a huge blessing that will also allow me to bless others.” 

Barbara’s father influenced her decision to give blood. “My dad has faithfully given blood for as long as I can remember,” she explained. “One day, I was thinking about it and thought, I can do that too. I went in, and it was not scary! It was pretty fast, and it was something that cost me little and could save someone's life.” 

The fourth winner, Albert S. of Reno, NV, has 11 lifetime whole blood donations with Vitalant. 

Chris P., our fifth winner, resides in Denver, CO, and felt “shock and pure excitement!” when he found out about his prize. He began donating with Vitalant in 2022 and is tuned into technology: All his appointments thus far have been created using his online donor portal account, except his app appointment made in October. 

Donating blood is a cause close to Chris’s heart. “My friend has a son who had cancer and needed blood transfusions, so I wanted to feel like I could help in some small way,” he said. 

Chris encourages everyone to donate blood if they can. “It takes no time at all, there is nothing to be afraid of, and it helps people who desperately need it.”