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Rammeet (pictured) was born with a rare blood disorder called beta thalassemia major, which requires her to receive two to three units of blood every three weeks. Thanks to many generous volunteer blood donors, she has received more than 500 units of blood throughout her lifetime.

Rammeet is committed to helping others. Currently, she is working in healthcare as a phlebotomist, and she hopes to become a nurse so she can help patients just like her.

“All the nurses, the way they’ve treated me,” said Rammeet, “I want to treat patients one day, just like that."

Rammeet wishes to share her story with the world because she loves inspiring donors to give.

“I am passionate about saving lives and working with wonderful, selfless, brave donors and collecting their blood. Thank you for being a hero and giving your time and blood. Without you, I wouldn’t be alive.”

Because of her genetic chronic illness, Rammeet depends on a constant supply of blood.

Despite everything she has been through, Rammeet has a wonderful sense of humor — matched only by the appreciation she carries for blood donors like you.

“I am a vampire that collects blood for a living and also gets blood transfusion regularly as well,” she joked. “I am grateful to each and every blood donor for giving me and many others the gift of living.”

Be the change you want to see in the world. One person can make an extraordinary impact on somebody else.

Because of you, life doesn’t stop for people like Rammeet … and so many others. Thank you for everything you do for patients.