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For the first time in the history of Vitalant promotions, we awarded 24 gift cards, through our 24 in ’24 Blood Donation Extravaganza. Eligible donors who gave from January 6 through February 10 were automatically entered to win a $500 gift card in our Donor Rewards program: Meaning they could choose from various retailers, including, restaurants, clothing stores and specialty stores.

Our fabulous 24 winners were randomly drawn from a pool of 78,538 qualifying donors. They are a variety of ages from across the country and encompass almost every blood type. The one thing these winners have in common is that they made the selfless decision to give a lifesaving blood donation.

Let’s give a virtual round of applause to our 24 winners, listed below in random order:

  • Laureen of Pennsylvania. Laureen has 37 lifetime donations.
  • Tavia of North Dakota. Tavia has 25 lifetime donations.
  • Madyson of Nevada. Madyson has four lifetime donations.
  • Brian of Idaho. Brian has 37 lifetime donations.
  • Tom of Illinois. Tom has 23 lifetime donations. He is also 82 years old and still going strong with his donations!
  • Elizabeth of California. Elizabeth has 168 lifetime donations.
  • Valrie of Pennsylvania. Valrie has 14 lifetime donations.
  • Milo of Arizona. Milo has six lifetime donations.
  • Elizabeth of Illinois. Elizabeth has 31 lifetime donations.
  • Linda of Nevada. Linda has 74 lifetime donations.
  • Dale of Arizona. Dale has 10 lifetime donations.
  • Maureen of Arizona. Maureen has 55 lifetime donations.
  • Gisele of California. Gisele has 30 lifetime donations.
  • Jose of Illinois. Jose has a whopping 479 lifetime donations, and he’s also a longtime platelet donor.
  • Kuen-Ren of Washington. Kuen-Ren has 12 lifetime donations.
  • Fred of New Mexico. Fred has nine lifetime donations.
  • Geri of Georgia. Geri doesn’t have a Vitalant donation opportunity near her, so she called in to be added to the list of people in the drawing (per official rules).
  • Christine of Arizona. Christine has eight lifetime donations.
  • Kelly of California. Kelly has 87 lifetime donations.
  • Lois Vogele of South Dakota. Lois has 67 lifetime donations and served as a blood drive coordinator for many years.
  • David of Arizona. David has three lifetime donations.
  • Kim of South Dakota. Kim has 83 lifetime donations.
  • Robert of Illinois. Robert has 84 lifetime donations.
  • Karen of Pennsylvania. Karen has 90 lifetime donations.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to every donor who helped us ring in 2024 by providing blood for patients in need. Please help us celebrate these winners!