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The 20 winners of our Blaze a Trail/Earth Day Giveaway understand these truths: We’re all in it together and giving blood is a team effort. Their selfless decision to give blood in April made them winners in more ways than one.

Most importantly, they helped patients by saving precious lives. As a very cool bonus, each of these donors received enough points through the Donor Rewards program to redeem for a total of $420 in gift cards. The gift cards can be redeemed at a variety of popular restaurants and retailers. 

 The Blaze a Trail Giveaway ran from April 1-20, encouraging donors to give back to the community and to help boost the blood supply. Out of 42,004 entries, we randomly drew 20 winners. Let’s celebrate these amazing folks and their dedication to blood donation! Our winners include:   

  • Matthew of Arizona – Matthew has 79 lifetime donations, and his winning donation was a combination of platelets and plasma. 
  • Roger of Arizona – With six lifetime donations, Roger’s winning donation was a whole blood donation.  
  • Karen of North Dakota – Karen has 39 lifetime donations, and her winning donation was a platelet donation.  
  • Scott of California – Scott won thanks to a platelet and red cell combination donation. He has 57 lifetime donations.
  • Jeanine of Wyoming – With 29 lifetime donations, Jeanine regularly participates in a community blood drive. In fact, all 29 of her donations have taken place there! 
  • David of Nevada – A whole blood donation qualified David for this promotion, and he has 57 lifetime donations. 
  • Gail of California – Gail gave platelets on the day she qualified to win. She has 56 lifetime donations. 
  • Gary of Texas – Gary’s platelet and plasma combination donation qualified him for this promotion. He has 23 lifetime donations. 
  • Marlys of North Dakota – She has 96 lifetime donations, and one of Marlys’ routine donations became a winning donation! 
  • Elise of California – Elise’s sixth lifetime whole blood donation was also her winning donation.
  • Glenda of Arizona – Glenda has 46 lifetime donations, and her winning blood donation occurred at a community blood drive. 
  • David of Arizona – David is a regular blood donor with 16 lifetime donations, and he also coordinates the drive where he donates.  
  • Louis of Pennsylvania – His 153 lifetime donations show that Louis is a truly dedicated blood donor. 
  • Marlene of Arizona – A whole blood donation qualified Marlene for this promotion, and she has had 89 donations throughout her life. 
  • Carl of Arizona – Carl won thanks to a whole blood donation, which brings his total to 15 lifetime donations.  
  • Mary of Colorado – Mary gave whole blood on the day she qualified to win, and she has 27 lifetime donations.  
  • James of Nevada – James’ winning donation was his 16th - a Power Red donation. He generously decided to donate his winning points – plus more – back to Vitalant! 
  • Marc of Illinois – Marc’s decision to give whole blood made him a winner. He has four lifetime donations. 
  • Lucas of Colorado – Third time’s a charm. Lucas’ winning whole blood donation was also his third lifetime donation.  
  • Scott of Texas – A platelet and plasma combination donation qualified Scott to win. With 103 total donations, Scott said he frequently uses his points and is excited to use these winning points, too! 

 We hope you feel as inspired as we do by these awesome donors. No matter what season of life you’re in, we encourage you to continue giving blood. There’s no easier way to help patients in need.