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Bad Actors Falsely Using Vitalant Name and Logo to Make Fake Job Offers

After receiving several phone calls from concerned people, Vitalant discovered that bad actors are using the Vitalant name and logo to post and make fake job offers, likely in an attempt to gain access to prospective applicants' personal information through phishing.  

Please note: Vitalant systems are secure and are not compromised; this behavior is being orchestrated by third parties completely unrelated to Vitalant and its secure systems.   

Vitalant is taking steps to report the issue and attempt to remove the erroneous information from the identified website, But this will take time.  

In the meantime, Vitalant wants the public to know that it: 

  • Never posts jobs to 
  • Never uses the URL 
  • Never uses email addresses like or 
  • Never requests sensitive information over email or phone.  

No matter the situation, individuals can take steps to identify, prevent and report phishing. The Federal Trade Commission offers helpful information and resources

For those interested in a career with Vitalant, please visit to learn more about opportunities to join our lifesaving team.