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Mary Beth Bassett

Executive Vice President and Chief Quality Officer Mary Beth Bassett

With more than 25 years at Vitalant, Mary Beth oversees enterprise design, execution and monitoring of all quality and regulatory programs, comprehensive performance improvements and operational excellence initiatives.

She acts as the main driver in establishing a quality culture throughout the organization, seeking continuous improvement in the quality of products and services provided.

Mary Beth believes everyone has the capacity to be a leader. “A dedication to continuous learning and watching other successful leaders will help to strengthen your leadership skills,” she said. “Motivate others around you and, at the same time, be an example for the next generation of female leaders.”

Bhavi Shah

Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel Bhavi Shah

Bhavi, a native of Baroda, India, joined Vitalant in 2014, providing strategic guidance and legal counsel to the organizations executives and governing boards on mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, strategy, real estate transaction, human resources, regulatory compliance, risk management, intellectual property and litigation.

Her experience, knowledge and perspective have been instrumental as a member of the leadership team responsible for the organization’s growth from a regional blood service provider to the largest independent blood services provider in the U.S. with a national footprint.

Bhavi emphasized the challenges women face when pursuing leadership careers. “Don’t be afraid to lean in when the time is right to assume a leadership position. I recognize this is a significant decision, particularly for working mothers and caregivers, as it’s important to find balance between professional accomplishment and carving out time to be actively engaged with family and friends. Equally important is carving out the ‘me time’ to rejuvenate, as self-care is vital to mental and physical well-being.”

Maureen Musselman

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Maureen Musselman

Joining Vitalant in 2020, Maureen helps drive the direction and success of the organization through her understanding of the company’s financial position.

In her role, she oversees various financial departments, including financial analysis and planning, accounting, accounts payable, billing and accounts receivable and payroll.

Her advice for women pursuing leadership roles? “Don’t be afraid to take risks. You are smarter than you think and braver than you know. Raise your hand to take on the projects no one else wants to do. This is how you gain great experience and earn opportunities to advance.”

Michelle Robinson

Senior Vice President of Strategy Planning and Business Development Michelle Robinson

Michelle, who joined Vitalant in 2021, drives the organization’s strategic vision to transform blood services, expand products and services to improve and save more lives, and promote innovation among the Vitalant team.

She believes in the practice of servant leadership. “A good leader serves others with inspiration, ingenuity, commitment, drive and humor. So ‘set’ the atmosphere with your speech, energy and treatment. Choose words that uplift, build and inspire. Fill the space with positivity, charisma and infectious energy. Treat everyone with respect and dignity, regardless of the situation or their position.”

This International Women’s Day, Vitalant celebrates these four incredible leaders, as well as all of the other inspiring women who work at or support Vitalant and our lifesaving mission.

By May Dobbins, diversity & inclusion director, Vitalant