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Spreading Joy and Lifesaving Gifts: Santa's Commitment to Giving Blood

Each year, Joseph becomes Santa and spreads holiday cheer in his community. But his spirit of giving doesn't stop there; he's also a committed volunteer blood donor and advocate!

In the chapters of my life, the roles of blood donor and Santa Claus might seem unrelated, but they share a common thread rooted in the spirit of giving. Through them, I’ve found immeasurable inspiration, joy and heartwarming moments that I’m pleased to share this holiday season.  

Inspiration to Give Blood 

Blood transfusions were a lifeline for my parents and wife in their times of need. My 22-year tenure in the ambulance industry, particularly as a paramedic, further highlighted the critical need for timely blood transfusions. These firsthand experiences witnessing the power of blood transfusions became the catalyst for my commitment to the lifesaving cause of blood donation. 

Becoming Santa 

More than donning a red suit, becoming Santa commenced over 35 years ago when a simple request from my brother's mother-in-law led me to bring joy to her grandchildren. Little did I know that this initial gesture would transform into a lifelong commitment. In 2012, I embraced the role of a professional Santa, with a mission extending beyond a costume to infuse the Christmas season with genuine joy and the spirit of giving. 

Santa5.jpgThe true reward of being Santa lies in witnessing the unbridled joy in the eyes of children, transcending age barriers. My goal is to bring excitement and the essence of giving to the Christmas season, emphasizing that it goes beyond receiving gifts to giving back to the community. 

Donating Blood as Santa 

Organizing blood drives at my church for years, the idea to donate blood as Santa arose during a conversation with my Vitalant representative. This integration of roles sought to make blood donation more engaging and festive. In 2018, I even organized a blood drive at the Santa convention in Denver, underscoring the significance of giving during the holiday season. 

Santa’s Favorite Post-Donation Treat 

Peanut butter cookies have become a cherished post-donation treat, adding a sweet touch to the act of giving. 

Santa’s Message to Others  

With blood donations dwindling during the Christmas season, my message is straightforward: If Santa can take time out of his busy season to donate blood, so can you. It's a simple, time-efficient act that warms the heart with the knowledge that it might save someone's life.