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Our impact

Vitalant Foundation (formerly known as Blood Science Foundation) changed its name at the start of 2022. Our lifesaving impact remains the same, and these stories remain as relevant as ever.


By the numbers

  • Every 2 seconds someone in the U .S. Requires a blood transfusion
  • 36,000 pints of blood are used for blood transfusions every day in this country
  • 4.5 million people need a blood transfusion each year in the U.S.
How to give
How to give
Who we are
Who we are
Make a gift
Make a Gift

The Faces of Donation

Imagine yourself suddenly in need of emergency medical treatment. You’re rushed to the hospital and require a major blood transfusion. This scenario happens every day and to people just like you. In fact, most people will require blood at some point in their lives. Here are just a few real-life stories of how donating blood -and funds- can make all the difference. Want to see more testimonials? View all our videos on YouTube.


Vitalant Foundation is changing lives through financial contributions. As the official fundraising arm of Vitalant, the Foundation is continuously working to address the ongoing need for blood and blood donors.

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