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You Deserve Recognition! Get Gift Cards Galore for Your Blood Donations.

While most blood donors give to save lives and for the great feeling that helping others gives you, it’s also nice to be recognized and feel appreciated. Blood donors who donate on a regular basis are especially important to patients because they help ensure there is always blood available when it’s needed.

That’s why we like to show our thanks by offering free gift cards as one of the blood donation benefits at Vitalant. When you join our recognition program, you start receiving points for every donation you make. That includes whole blood, platelets, plasma or multi-component/automated procedures.

After a few donations (the exact amount depends on donation type), you’ll receive enough points to redeem for an electronically delivered gift card. Or save up your points to redeem for higher-value gift cards. The more you donate, the greater the rewards!

Treat yourself to dinner at a popular Italian restaurant chain, an item you’ve been eyeing online at your favorite store, or to a relaxing night at home enjoying a free pizza delivered to your door. We have a variety of restaurants and retailers you know and love to choose from in our recognition store.

Sounds great – how do I sign up?

Opting in to our donor recognition program is simple. You must first have a donor account, which our staff can help you create the first time you donate blood, or you can create one online by following the instructions.

When you log in to your account, go to your Profile page and check the box that says “Enroll in Donor Recognition.” Then you’re all set! You should start seeing points accrue after your next donation. You can check your points balance and access the donor recognition store at any time by clicking on the “Donor Recognition” link within your online account.

As long as you donate once every 15 months, your points will remain active in your account and can be redeemed at any time.

Bonus: There may be occasions when Vitalant offers extra points for certain types of donations that are especially needed, or during times when blood supplies are extremely low.

More blood donation benefits

Besides the thank-you rewards you can receive in our donor recognition program, Vitalant periodically offers special thank-you gifts including gift cards, T-shirts and other giveaways. Be sure to sign up to receive Vitalant emails or check our website regularly for these offers.

And let’s not forget the additional benefits of donating blood. With every donation, you receive a mini-physical, where staff take your temperature, pulse and blood pressure; plus completed donations are tested for cholesterol. Your results are stored in your private online account, so you can keep track and talk with your healthcare provider if anything seems amiss.

Why Wait? Schedule your next donation and see how rewarding it can be!